10 fail proven psychological tips

10 fail proven psychological tips
Psychological tips
When you feel like that today is the day that I will start and I will make it anyhow. But in next few days, you lose your motivation and feel like… What the hell… I do now… and feeling like quite…

You started with full energy, enthusiasm and with full dedication but you just lose everything in mean time. It happens with everyone but some people crack the code. It takes discipline to get shit done.
So what if you feel confident every time in whatever you do and you put your best on it. If you make your mind-setthen you will get shit done in shorter period of time. We are humans but our time is limited so if you use your time in a best way then you will get what you really want in your life.

One research was held with 100 peoples in America.  All the people are in the age of 25 and all wanted to be rich. At the age of 55, researchers takes an interview with those 100 peoples. He got the results that shock you. Only 1 person became rich, 7 or 8 became financial independent and others were struggling as before.
So now you get it why it’s important to change your mind-set to get what you really want in your life.

Here are the tips that help you to get high self-esteem.

1) Define 3 words that describe you. (Brendon Technique)

I want you to choose 3 words that define your identity. My 3 words are “confident, present and dynamic.”  Now you have to create a reminder or alarm with these 3 words that rings at least 4 different times in a day.

Now, the game is on. Whenever the alarm rings your phone tells who you really are. When it rings you have to remind yourself that what you are and fully focus on those 3 words.
Speak as loud as you can those 3 words in your mind whenever it rings.
I watched many videos on how to become confident but this trick work like a hell. Now I know who I am and whenever met with someone else and met with any situation my subconscious mind remind my characteristics. Use these trick for 30 days because according to psychology it takes at least 30 days to change your mind set. But I suggest you to do this until you have a phone in your life. 

2)  The “best” strategy.

There is a difference between a person who tries and who try his best. Science has proved that the person who tries his best use 40% more brain capacity then person who only try.
When I try this thing then I started getting good results. So whatever you do, do your best and you will start getting different results.

I believe that after this you will perform better.  If you really want to go ahead and really want to compete with others then you should do your best. 

3) My “Stay Strong” strategy.

If you are going through heart break, bad situations, feeling down or anything like this then this strategy work for you.

Well! Science proves that our subconscious mind is more powerful than our conscious mind. So you get the results that you put into your head.  When you go through heart broke or bad times then you get doubts on yourself. If you consistently doubts on yourself then it will become your reality.

So change your mind and talk with yourself like you are talking with your close friends. Tell yourself consistently that you have to “stay strong.” Whatever the reason you are feeling this but you have to strong in your life. Whatever comes you have to strong in your life.

So it’s simple if you convince your subconscious mind then it will help you to face the any situations of your life.

4) Take decisions on the bases of your value not on the bases of your emotions.

If you really want to change your mind-set then never take professional decisions on the bases of your emotions. There is a quote on it, “If you cannot control your emotions then you cannot control your business”

If you are taking decisions on the bases of emotions and on the bases of your feelings then it will harm your business and your business too.

We are humans, we feel up with feelings but in professional world you should avoid your feelings to become more productive and to become 

5) Change your inner voice ( Be Optimist)

If you’re inner voice is saying that you can’t then you can’t and if it saying you can then you can do. I want you to notice your inner voice, why it’s saying you can’t. May be you it’s saying you can’t on the bases of your past, your beliefs and on the bases of your feelings.

Everyone afraid and feel like a fool whenever they start something new in their life. It happens but some people are more confident about it and some people are not. If you change your inner voice into positive then it will help you to change your behaviour, character and your personality. It’s not other people that show you who you are or who you want to be. It’s you and your inner voice that decide what you want from your life.

It’s seems difficult to change your inner voice but if you practice then you can change it. Be optimist even if you are at the rock bottom.

In short, “If you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel… March down there and turn it on yourself!!”

How you can change it?

Well you don’t even know that you become negative sometime just because your inner voice became negative.

You just need to understand one truth that you can’t control some situations, you can’t control peoples and you can’t control the things that are out of your control but you can control your behaviour and you can control your reaction on it.  LEARN HOW TO DEAL WITH SITUIATIONS AND HOW TO DEAL WITH PEOPLE. It’s all about learning, “if you learn to fight with your negative inner voice then you will start becoming optimist person.”

In short, “If you hear a voice within you say ‘You cannot paint,’ by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.” – Vinnocet van Gogh.

This is the hard truth but yes you will get success even though lot of situations happened in your life. It’s depending upon you that you have to give up or not on your dreams.  

6) Write down everything

The science has proved that the person who writes down their goals will more likely to achieve goals then who don’t. The person who is clear with his goals will reach it fast because he knows where he is going.

So write it down everything. What you want to be? Where you want to go? Why you want to change yourself? Be specific as specific as you can.

Multinational companies, high performers, rich people already write that what they will do next day, next month, next year and in next five years. They usually start with the and they working backward on it. It’s hard to predict the future but if you want to change then write and work on it every single day. Yes, without even missing a one single shot.

Clarity is power and you will get clarity by writing the stuff and by working on it daily. There is simply no motivation there is habits that help you to get life that you deserve. 

7) Change your circle.

When I was a kid my mom used to tell me, “son, go and hang out with the kid who is first in the class.” But I have my own peer group so I always used to avoid this advice.

After couple of years, I realised why my mom was forcing to hang out with the best students.  If you hang out with the five losers then you will be the sixth and if you hang out with the five millionaires you will be the sixth. It’s all about support system.  Are you hanging out with the people that inspire you? That helps you to work more. If not then find out new community, new group and new peer of circle.

Now, you are live in the digital world. May be you can’t able to transfer yourself and can’t reach out to them but you can follow the persons that you want to be like. Follow them on instagram, facebook, snapchat and instead of focusing on dumb shit, focus on them, and learn from them.

If you are interesting in getting new group then we have a one Facebook group that connects the like-minded people like you. 

8) Get tough mind-set by realising that people don’t care.

It can be shocking but it’s absolutely true.  You need to realise that only few people in your life that really cares for you. Then why you are wasting your time by thinking what other people think about you. It’s doesn’t matter what people think about you but its matter what you think about yourself.

Its matter that what you believe and what you really want in yourself. Remember you can’t change other people’s thinking, they judge you and they criticize you on the bases of their behaviour. 

Its shows when they will do something then people will judge them as they are judging other people.

Stay confident and believe in yourself.

Why you need to believe in yourself?

You are the product of millions of years. You are the part of nature. In this digital area, people forget one thing that they are the part of universe. So don’t define yourself with your current situation and money.

If you do then you always disappoint yourself.  It’s just matter of time. Everybody faced bad days, everybody lost their love ones but remember one thing you are stronger than those situations and crisis in your life. 

9) Focus on yourself

You have to focus on yourself. You need to understand that you cannot control people and you don’t have a power to change other people until they want to. Focus on yourself if you want to go ahead. It’s not about outer environment, it’s about inner self. If your inner self is disturbed then your outer environment is disturbed too.

If you focus on yourself and stay stable then you can face any situation of your life. Take time to breathe and understand there is nothing wrong with giving priority to you. Be the central focus for your life and work towards self-awareness. You are valuable because you are here. Prepare yourself to get more from your life.

“Every new level of your life require new version of yourself”

10) If someone try to make you down then you are already up from them.

We already heard this quote before but sometime we lose it. When you trust someone and that person tells something negative about you, and then yourself believe on them. It happens whenever you love someone and trust someone and if they use to tell you something negative about yourself, you believe.

Remember, no one knows you better then you.  Only you know yourself and you have to realise that you are the best. And if there is any weakness then you can overcome it but that doesn’t mean that people have made you down.  They are showing their mentality and you have to show yours.

It’s okay if you don’t know something. It’s okay if you are learning.  Someone take more time and someone take less. It’s all about life but it doesn’t mean people have to judge you and criticize you. 

If you have some weaknesses then start working on it. Prioritise your things in a way that you improve yourself daily. I have a lot of weaknesses and I am working on it. Do best daily on those weaknesses. Day by day and little by little improve yourself and it’s important to be consistent. If you keep attacking on your weaknesses it will disappear soon.

If you do one thing for 21 days then it will become your habit. Create healthy habits for your life that you can make it and change yourself. It’s take lot of amount of energy for 21 days but when you go through it for 21 days successfully then you will reach at the point where you can start any habit in a shorter period of time.