10 Things that will make your dog attack you

10 Things that will make your dog attack you
10 Things that will make your dog attack you
One of the best things about the dogs is how affectionate they are, some dogs are more affected and some are less affected with their owner. Hugging, kissing and going to close the dog’s face is doing to make your dog attack you, this things makes them mad. Dogs are friendly but they are animal so if they become annoyed they become dangerous for human.

1) Food of your kitchen

You need to know that half the food of your kitchen is not good for your dog. If you will give wrong food to your dog then they become mad, if your dog eats cat shit, then it make them ill, if they become ill then may be dogs lose their control.

2) Give Baths

You may clean yourself by taking bath or shower but dogs feel uncomfortable if you clean them, your dog doesn’t understand you are cleaning them. Many dogs tolerate as possible as they can but many dogs can’t tolerate bath for long time, so next time when you clean up your dog make sure that they are not annoying with your bath.

3) Dress-up your dog

Majority of dogs don’t like to dress up, if you try to dress up tour dog then probably that they can attack you, one of the most annoying things for a dog is dress up, they feel uncomfortable and they react badly because they hate it so much.

4) Yell

Never yell at your dog, some people have habit of yelling when their dog is barking. If you yell at your dog then this can install fear in your dog. Dogs communicate through touch, eye contact, energy, sub take verbalization, so the song of yelling makes them aggressive. It will never listen you if you yelling it.

5) Give big hugs

Friends really like big hug but dogs don’t like it, they feel annoying if you it big hug. One research found that every dog react differently someone tolerates it or someone rejects it. If your dog didn’t tolerate your hug then it can attack you, so notice your dog’s reaction while hugging.

6) Never make intense eye contact

Wild and domesticated dogs communicate with eyes, so it’s not a good idea to make eye contact eighth your dog. Some dogs don’t like new peoples or dogs because mostly stair them. So if you make eye contact with your dog then they can attack you.

7) Owner’s property

Dogs are always protect their owner and owner’s property, so if a person trying to come in
Owner’s property then it will attack that person.  Many people buy a dog to protect their property from strangers and thief; they help their owner by barking at strangers that’s why dog called as human friend.

8) The baby treatment

Many people treat their dog as a human baby, but many dogs don’t like this. If people do things that they do with their baby then probably they feel uncomfortable and annoying. In this situation they can attack to you. They also don’t like to cart around in a stroller like baby.

9) Being the potty police

Never push your dog for to go potty, think about it. Person will never go for potty on anyone’s command, so how you expect with your dog? If you ever yell on your dog for potty then they feel annoying and it can attack you. BY giving your doggy sometime for potty, it’s good but if you give pressure then it can mad with you.

10) Vacuuming when your dog’s in the house

Vacuuming is necessary for some parents, have you ever notice that the reaction of dog when you switch on vacuumed, if your dog jumps then probably it means that is fear of vibration.  They can sense the vibration of vacuumed through their sensitive paw pads, have you ever notice how they can tell when a thunderstorm is coming? The vibration always sends a one type of signal that tells your dog that danger is over. So always make sure while cleaning the room that your dog is out of the room.

Writing By Manish Chhatwani