The Best Video Conferencing Apps for official Team meetings

The Best Video Conferencing Apps for official Team meetings
Work from home
With the ongoing coronavirus lockdown, people are doing work from home, and work from home is not easy without meeting and discussing work with your Colleagues, Team Leader or with BOSS.
here's a list of the best video calling apps available for helping you and make your work easy

Google Meet
Google recently rebranded its Google Hangouts Meet app to Google Meet. The application is secure as it comes from Google. It requires a user to have a Google One account to start the meeting. But, the other users do not require the same and just need an invite link instead. Using the link provided by the admin, the whole team can join. Google Meet also brings integration for other google products. 

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams is another professional meetings app that allows chatting among users along with bringing features like video conferencing, support for up to 250 members and more. Also, it integrates well with other Microsoft products allowing collaboration of Office documents in between a video call. 

Skype was once quite famous among both professional as well as casual users. Zoom took the thunder by offering way better features and allowing users to connect seamlessly without needing to create a new account. Now, Skype has added a similar feature along with bringing support for up to 50 people.

Slack is a famous platform used by many companies to manage large teams. While the app is mostly used for chatting, sharing important messages and more, users have not noticed that it even supports video calls. However, free users can only take advantage of a normal video call instead of a group one. In order to have group meetings, the users will require a premium account.

Even though WhatsApp is not a meetings focused platform, it can also be used for small teams. WhatsApp allows group calls with up to four users. It can be great as it is easy to use and gets connected fairly quicker than the other apps. It can be used for quick conversations with two or three of your colleagues. Also, it is worth noting that WhatsApp is also said to soon allow more users on a group call.